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* Monday, May 31, 2004 *

breakfst: yes or no?
i olweiz wke up arnd 11am ol the tym and im missin breakfast olmost everyday. im such a sleepyhead! my mom gets mad at me bcz of that! heheh.. :D

the perfect pizza:

another boring day, and im suffering, (agen) to ultimate boredom.. and im thinking of a pizza..
wat wud it be? hmm.. crispylicious crust, mushrooms (my fave!,), pepperoni, lotsa lotsa
monzarella cheese, lotsa garlic, black pepper, onions, bacons, whew, yummy!!
i jus wish i knew how to make one. ;p hayy,..(thinking of new yorks pizza delivery) <--their pizza is really delicious! *sigh* :D

thrzzzzz wished upon a star at 5/31/2004 10:46:00 AM
* * * * * * * * *

* Saturday, May 29, 2004 *

Got home from ek (enchanted kingdom) i ws so exhausted..my feet was really pawis and i felt like prng basang sisiw..haha! :D but i had fun! it was great i had a blast especially i ws with my barkada.. :) i overcome my fear, which is riding on the space shuttle... gawd we rode it 4 times.. rili had fun but i mus suffer the consequence, my back really hurts! :(

this is wat i jus gt to tke home frm ek, its like prng sands with color nd u get to design it, it was suppose to be like 3 layer sumthing but then it gt shaked kya ayan nagulo! :p still luks cute 4 me.. hehe :D

a picture of my friend and me.. gt blurred ksi..malas! hehe.. too bad i 4gt to bought my camera.. :(

my lil brother! he told me to do that hand thing wen i get scared! haha! :)

the best part! it was presko, i get to ride this, (gokart), it was fast! it was like driving an ordinary car but faster! no traffic, and no aircon! haha! :D

thrzzzzz wished upon a star at 5/29/2004 12:21:00 AM
* * * * * * * * *

* Wednesday, May 26, 2004 *

Some Dog Tale.. hehe :p

Everyone has seen dogs sniffing out each other's assholes. But do you know why dogs are sniffing out each other's assholes?

Well, it happened like this:

Many, many years ago when dogs were still ruling the world, the dog president called for a major assembly for all dogs.
They wanted to discuss new laws for dog interaction in the dog society.
For hygienic reasons, each dog had to deposit its asshole at the wardrobe.
Now it so happened that while the dogs were hotly debating, a tornado blew right through the wardrobe and mixed up all the assholes.
Panic spread through the dog community like wildfire and in the rush every dog just grabbed the next best asshole it could get its paws on.
Ever since then dogs, are still looking for their own asshole and therefore sniff out every other dog's ass. Given the magnitude of the disaster not many will ever find their own. The few lucky ones can be easily recognized as the ones which sniff at their own assholes to check if it is still there and occasionally licking their balls.

The moral of the story :
He who loses his ass loses world dominance (some people wouldn't even find their asses even if a huge bell were hanging from it).

i got this from a site which i think is cool..wla lang. :p

End of the World!:o

Just wtched a movie called The Day After Tomorrow, and it kinda freaked me out cause its like end of the world..gawd it was scary! hurricanes, tornadoes, ice age, can't beliv how they shoot that!
Some screenshots:
(no way!)
The Capitol Records building in Hollywood is torn apart..
{sheesh, wat if that happend to us fo' real?!)
New York city gets flooded!

"Give me you tired, your poor, your waterlogged..." (hahah!)
we were suppose to watch troy but it was not showing sa podium, cause dun kme nag watch eh. and they only had 2 cinemas, and the showing was only shrek 2 and the day aftr tomorrow, i was with my dad and he ddnt lyk shrek so he insisted to watch the day aftr tomorrow instead. It was cool though, it look like real! ;p sam was real brave plus his dad. and then i met maxene magalona, she was taller than i expected!

she looks so sweet noh? hehe :)

Hapi ending! :D

There's a movie that ate my heart out...its Jersey girl..aww..., watched it too..hehe :p

that story was really nice,ollie (ben afflect) is just super nice, and yeah im talking about loyalty (imagine...7 yrs w/o sex?! haha jus foolin') and jlo is priti too, and her daughter is pretty cute! liv tyler there is pretty cute too! hehe :)

im planin to watch shrek2 as well, and i can't wait harry potter 3 either. :D

Fantansia jus won the american idol. wohoo.. she deserves it. :p
whew..well i gez thats it for today, what a muvie day! till next update. hahah :P

thrzzzzz wished upon a star at 5/26/2004 09:44:00 PM
* * * * * * * * *

* Tuesday, May 25, 2004 *

I juz made up my mind, i decided to use blogspot instead of xanga, yes xanga is more user friendly nga, pero npgispan k na i'll juz use ms frontpage as my guide..haha!.. so un, clinose ko na acct sa ko sa xanga, pra ndi na doble doble.. hehe :) i jus saw blogdrive, i tried it too... whew ol this blog thing is making me confused! blogdrive is kinda nice too..prng better than blogspot, kasi its not hassle, it has tagboard, calendar ol in one click! i dun hav to go thru those sign up blablablas... but still i find blogspot cooler, parng mas fun eh.. :p umm.. so i rili ddnt strt posting on june, ksi im soo bored na tlga kea i find blogging my answer to that. hehe :P

thrzzzzz wished upon a star at 5/25/2004 12:48:00 PM
* * * * * * * * *

* Monday, May 24, 2004 *

I first started here, but then i found xanga, its much much easier there! prng here, it took me minutes, pro dun, it took me seconds! haha :D i cant make up my mind.. parng mas sanay ako d2, chka di2, it looks more decent. pero i think i wud choose blogspot nlng.. i compared the two of them and blogspot looks nicer tlga..wel, check out my xanga nrin.. http://xanga.com/thrzzzzz

thrzzzzz wished upon a star at 5/24/2004 10:21:00 PM
* * * * * * * * *

Finally i olredy hav a blog! hehe! i gt tempted wen i see som of my frns gt d chnce 2 edit their blogs, design, post, etc. so i decided to get one too..or maybe im juz so bored na kaya gmwa ako ni2?! hehe :D ok, i think this'll be my introduction! hehe! i'll start posting by the end of this month, ksi mlpt nrin mtpos e.. so i'll start by june! i kinda enjoy blogging na and im gettin used and addicted to it na..haha :) i juz hoped na may time ako updating this when school starts. hehe :) anyways, feel free to put comments watever... :D hehe peace out ;p

thrzzzzz wished upon a star at 5/24/2004 03:53:00 PM
* * * * * * * * *