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* Sunday, June 13, 2004 *

Family bonding
reason 1: its my lolo's birthday.
reason 2: we went shopping.
reason 3: we had a salo-salo kainan.

i ws nt included in the pictures, coz i ws the one taking the pictures eh. (he,he!)

i gez i enjoyed my las day ds vacation..tomorrow's my frst day na! advantage: see my friends, disadvantage: terror teachers and heavy assignments! hehe! :P

this, my cute cousins. 

cousins getting hungry and bored waiting for the food.

while waiting for the food.

as u can see, all of us wer wearing red since may birthday eh.

yummy! :P

geez. i forgot to take a snapshot of my lolo and the birthday cake! :( but anyways. bsta the food ws great and we had a lot of chit-chats. :)


favorite na nabili ko... hehe! orange sleevless and green off-shoulder top.

my sister who kept whining.. "mommy...gutom na ako!"

sarap ng kain ng lil bro ko! :P

my siblings, fooling around.

mom in my lil sis. choosing what to buy. hehe.

we went to galle and saw erik santos ang sarah heronimo singing. a lot of people wer watching nga eh! i ws supposed to take a picture, but i jus can't make singit tlga, cz a lot of people wer watching. my mom even told me na wag na daw cz people myt think im such an erik santos and sarah heronimo fanatic daw! (ha,ha!) :D

and this, my wacky picture. READ THE FACE.. ("inggit kayo nh?") hahah.. joking lng! :P 

that's about it. ill update this nlng maybe tomorrow about my first day of school. hope everything'll be fine tomorrow!! *pray..pray..pray.* (he,he!)

goodluck sa mga tomorrow dn ang first day huh.. ;) :P

gotta dc olredy! i hav to wake up super early tomorrow!!!!

thrzzzzz wished upon a star at 6/13/2004 09:24:00 PM
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